Anyoption offers its customers more security

Anyoption offers its customers more security

binary-797201__180AuthentiScan ‘is the new automatic identification and control system making it anyoption now enables faster and more reliable to examine documents that Trader register in their account. This saves both the broker and the customer time and provides even more security when trading starts.

Improving the test facilities is an important component in the fight against identity theft and fraud on the Internet. Provider of online trading with binary options try the misuse of identity documents reveal as early as possible, before significant financial losses for those affected arise.

Complete encryption of personal data

The software AuthentiScan ‘is a product of Keesing Technologies, a Dutch company for identity check in online and offline area. The program about passports, identity cards and driving licenses can be checked for authenticity and possible counterfeits are detected.

Unlike the manual review of each document provides, AuthentiScan ‘safety, because the software is able to work much more accurate than humans, it could.
In addition, through the full encryption and confidentiality of the transferred person-specific data granted. Currently, the onlinescam program is already in various government agencies, central banks, and financial and business enterprises around the world in action.

Technological advances in document examination

On the part ANYOPTION shows you from the technology completely convinced: “This recent upgrade of anyoption platform brings anyoption at the forefront of the industry by providing traders a completely encrypted environment that means they can upload their sensitive documents without unsafe methods, such as e-mail or other uncoded channels having to use.

Technological progress is a constant companion in trading binary options. anyoption Especially happening again and again produced by the early use of particular innovations.

Anyoption donates $ 20,000 for children in need

In recent months, about the Bubble options and the Dynamics already two completely new and proprietary trading species were introduced to the in-house trading platform.Last anyoption drew attention to himself by making a donation of $ 20,000 to the Children’s Fund of the United Nations (UNICEF). Besides just negotiations on possible further cooperation projects with the UN sub-organization to be performed.

Financial crises have a long history

It includes financial bubbles and crises from the outset on the history of capitalism. While some of these turbulence due to external factors, there were many other homemade and are based directly in unsuccessful speculations. In the 17th century the so-called crack, tulip mania ‘, the Dutch economy in a downward spiral.
From 1634 to the price of tulip bulbs in the Orange State as a luxury house rose to increasingly vertiginous heights, until the climax in 1637, a single tulip bulb cost as much directly to an Amsterdam canal.

From the spring of 1637 then the exorbitant prices for the plant investment goods were to slip and soon fell into a bottomless pit. Existences were destroyed and the economy in the wealthy Netherlands took great harm.
Speculation, in the specific case with often insufficient collateralized real estate loans, were also a root of the financial crisis pulled the world economy into the downward spiral from 2007 onwards. A speculative bubble in the stock market was in 1929 at the beginning of the Great Depression, their subsequent catastrophic consequences than the Great Depression ‘went down in history.